Storytelling for business.

Throughout my career as a journalist, blogger and now marketer, I’ve sought to retain the ability to weave a narrative—and I’ve done it for brands both large and small in the B2B and B2C spaces while helping them demonstrate the ROI behind their efforts.

I am currently based in New York City, where I work as the Director of Content for MediaMath, a global role in which I touch content strategy for our owned, paid and earned channels.

I have experience developing content for blogs, websites, email, long-form content, ad campaigns, social media and public relations and would love to work with your business next.


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Lauren Fritsky

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Lauren Fritsky

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Lauren Fritsky


Marketing Services

I am available for one-to-one consulting on your marketing strategy for an hourly or project-based rate. Email me at lgfrits(at)

Timeline: The Journey of a Story Teller

Lauren Fritsky - Marketing for Small Businesses
I start writing short stories modeled after The Babysitter’s Club series on an old Commodore.
I cold-call every publication near my Jersey Shore hometown until one lets me freelance for them. This is the first time I am published professionally.
I work as a reporter for weekly and daily newspapers in the Philadelphia area.
I lose my job in the recession, start my full-time freelance writing career and move to Australia. Along the way, I’m published in places like CNN, AOL, Travel + Leisure, USA TODAY and Psychology Today.
I start my first marketing job as a content specialist for an APAC IT company.
I start working as a content marketing manager at global technology company MediaMath in NYC.
You hire me to tell the story of your brand.


I started my blog The Life That Broke at a low point—after a breakup and a job layoff during the Recession. It evolved into a chronicle of what I did next—start a freelance career and move solo to Sydney, Australia where I knew not a soul. The site today includes many stories from my time in Australia and my transition back to America in addition to informative pieces on travel and expat life.


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